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Tom Tancredo is the (very) outspoken Republican congressman from Colorado who is best know for being totally against illegal immigration and would like to see it taken care of via "attrition" - other strong opinions are:

  • "Miama, Florida is a Third World Country and not much different than Havana, Cuba"
  • "We should nuke Mecca if Al-Qaeda bombs the US"
The American Conservative Union awarded Tom Tancredo a score of 99 - the highest ever awarded - not suprising.

Total Republican Votes as of 7:21AM on 2018/03/20: 0 today, 0 yesterday, 0 this month, and 16,793 for all time
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Tom Tancredo shakes Cleric's hand ...

Tom tancredo allah

... and then says send in the bombers!

tom tancredo plane
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